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Saving Lives Through the Power of Early Cancer Detection

Driven by World Class Science, robust Capital Resources, and guided by Proven Management, our DNA is in pursuit of excellence. Our breakthrough technology is designed to detect cancers at the early stages, significantly improving chances of treatment and ultimately saving lives. United, our objective extends beyond transforming diagnostics. We're dedicated to crafting a healthier future, shaping a world where early cancer detection is the norm, not the exception - for this generation and generations to come.

Quantum Leap FRAGMA
Liquid Biopsy Platform

Proprietary cfDNA Technology

The detection of methylation aberrations in plasma DNA provides a non-invasive means for the detection of a wide variety of cancers. FRAGMA is a new technology which allows the determination of DNA methylation status without the use of bisulfite treatment, enzymatic conversion or third generation sequencing.

Highly Accurate Pre-Clinical Published Data

AUC, or Area Under the Curve, is a statistical metric used in medical research to assess the performance of predictive models. It measures the overall ability of a test or model to differentiate between two groups. A higher AUC value indicates better performance, with 1 representing perfect discriminatory ability, meaning the test or model can accurately distinguish between the two groups. The FRAGMA technology is able to achieve high AUC results with the following diagnostic tests.

for Liver Cancer


for Colorectal Cancer


for Lung Cancer

Source: https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2209852119

Cancer kills 10M people worldwide. Annually.

Early Detection can Potentially Benefit 1 billion+ People. Annually.

Population and prevalence data based on HBV, HCV, and NASH carriers from multiple sources, including from WHO, IARC, national health departments and industries, and research institutions

Our management team.

Danny Yeung
Chief Executive Officer
Anand Madduri
Board Member
Prof. Allen Chan
Board Member & Co-Founder
Ben Cheng
Board Member
Prof. Tony S.K. Mok
Board Member


Insighta Brand Video
Video introducing the launch of Insighta, dedicated to saving lives through the power of early cancer detection.
Analyst Presentation, June 2023
Prenetics and Globally Renowned Scientist Prof. Dennis Lo Establish US$200m Joint Venture “Insighta” for Breakthrough Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening
Insighta, a landmark Joint Venture between Prenetics (NASDAQ: PRE), and renowned scientist, Prof. Dennis Lo, aims to revolutionize multi-cancer early detection. Backed by world-class science from Prof. Lo, robust capital resources of US$100m from Prenetics, and led by successful entrepreneur Danny Yeung, the joint venture is poised to transform cancer screening. Insighta plans to introduce Presight for lung and liver cancers in 2025, and to expand with Presight One for 10+ cancers in 2027. Insighta presents an unprecedented opportunity to save lives and bolster Hong Kong's standing as a global hub for life sciences innovation.